New technologies for better results

The Emerson Technik smoking and cooking units are allowing automatic heat treatments for meat, fish or other food products. They benefit from very strong materials and from a special cooking system – QuickCook, which ensures reduced working time as well as overall better results. The weight loss is strongly improved leading to a better yield, but at the same time the product is uniformly cooked, as the chambers come with one fan for each trolley. Each cooking chamber is equipped with gas, LPG, diesel, oil or electric heating (besides the steam), thus ensuring the generous steam production inside the chamber. Also, chambers feature a modular construction from high quality stainless steel and mineral rock wool panels, which allow them to be installed in different locations, from small to mid-sized to high capacity factories.


Different cooking control options are also available, such as Delta T cooking, chamber temperature cooking or core temperature cooking. The chambers are controlled either via the EasyTouch touch screen computer or with the ViSoft PC monitoring software.