Complete process for chilling various products

The cooling chambers are designed for fast chilling of various products.

The cooling system functions within 2 stages, namely the pre-cooling water showering stage and the fast cooling with high humidity intensive fog stage. Thanks to the reduced cooling times in the temperature range (from 40⁰C to 15⁰C), the products’ shelf life is dramatically improved and the appearance is enhanced. The final core temperature of the product allows for immediate packing or slicing, therefore reducing the handling and storing costs. For increased flexibility, with optional extra heating, the chamber can also be used as a cooking chamber. Compared to conventional cooling, the weight loss is also improved. The chambers are controlled via the EasyTouch touch screen computer or with the ViSoft PC monitoring software (optional).


  • Improved shelf life for the product due to reduced cooling times
  • Better appearance for the products due to the intensive process
  • Reduced handling and storing costs due to the ability to immediately pack the products
  • Flexibility (tthe chambers can also be used as a cooking chamber)
  • Perfect control with EasyTouch and ViSoft PC monitor