Strong built and reliable

The baking units allow for automatic treatments like baking, roasting and cooking up to 200⁰C for meat, sausages and other products. The products can be hanged on trolleys or arranged on grates, thus increasing the loading capacity. For the best results during each process, we have developed our chamber using very strong materials and special upgraded insulation and reinforced panels with 100 mm thickness. In order to guarantee the uniformity of the products, our chambers use one fan for each trolley and one extra evacuation ventilator. The perfect coordination of the sizes and parameters results in shorter programs and improved yields thanks to the reduced loss.

Additional features

All Emerson Technik baking and roasting chambers are coming standard with an automatic cleaning system, cleaning agent dosing and also a water pressure pump (optional). The chambers are controlled either via the EasyTouch touch screen computer or with the ViSoft PC monitoring software (optional).

Upon the customer’s demand, the baking chamber can be equipped with a glass door for better view and control of the baked products.


  • Reliability due to strong materials and processes
  • Weight loss reduced to minimum
  • Increased efficiency due to bigger loading capacity
  • Complete control over the processes due to touch-screens and glass doors (optional)