The Emerson Technik smoking chambers can be equipped with various OptiSmoke smoking generators, depending on the customer’s request or specific local regulations all over the word. Made from solid stainless steel material and resistant at high temperature, OptiSmoke can be used both for hot smoke as well as for cold smoke, given the different type of products. Depending on the application and the capacity of the chamber, we provide the right OptiSmoke smoke generator. It can be ordered for sawdust, wood-chips, friction or liquid smoke. All types of smoke generators are automatic controlled by the main EasyTouch system. Special design ash separator provides a clean smoke into the chamber and a natural smoke flavor. In case of sawdust and wood-chips smoke generator, the burning is done by electrical resistance.

OptiSmoke is working with an automatic humidification system and also with automatic “firefighter“. Our smoking system is designed to work on the same unit, both with the closed system as well as with the open one. The closed system is working with the recirculation of the smoke and evacuation at the end of the process. The open system is working with continuous exhaust of the smoke and is recommended for different and specific type of products. The automatic cleaning for the smoke generators is controlled by EasyTouch. The smoke generator can be placed next to the chamber, on the left side, on the right side or in the back side. Upon special request, our engineers can design customized, different positions for the smoke generator.

Open and Closed Smoking
Both systems are available as standard giving the possibility of choosing the optimal smoke circulation depending on the final product.